The ring goes south

In the early days, Django didn't ship a built-in migrations framework. South was the most popular app to do that. This talk exposed some common pitfalls and quirks, some of them might still apply to newer Django versions. The title is based on a song from the Lord Of the Rings soundtrack.

This talk was given at an in-company session at Machinalis offices (2014-04-30).

Cada mock es un moco

While sometimes mocks are needed, they should not be the first tool you use to write tests. In this talk I try to explain why It is a pity to be mocking your code when you could be writing meaningful tests at almost the same cost. The title reffers to moco (snot in spanish) and mock being homonyms. The contents of this talk are based on the contents of this post: Mock yourself not your tests.

This talk was given at an in-company session at Machinalis offices (2015-07-27).

Tenemos que dejar de escribir else por dos aƱos

In Python we strongly emphasize that code must be elegant and easy to interpret, but with PEP8 alone is not enough, many times our logic can be nested in a cataract of if(s) and else(s) difficult to maintain. In this talk we explored some strategies to avoid that unnecessary complexity.

This talk was given at the first Cordoba Python Meetup (2015-12-04).

El fin esta cerca!

2012 passed and the world did not end. Well, scheduling the next world's doomsday can be tricky, because working with dates is so. In this talk I try to share some basic tips and gotchas I learned the hard way while building a calendaring app, that hopefully will make this task easier for you. The contents of this talk are based on this post: Calendaring events with Python.

This talk was given at an in-company session at Machinalis offices (2017-04-13) and at Pycon Argentina 2017 (2017-11-17).

Una para configurarlos a todos

Configuration management, understood as a way to alter the behavior of a program without changing the code, is a mechanism that requires a well thought architecture. In this talk I focus on static configuration in general, and an approach for python. The contents of this talk are based on this post: One to configure them all. The title refers to The Lord of the Rings inscription: "... One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them".

This talk was given at Pyday La Plata 2018 (2018-05-12) and PyconAr Buenos Aires 2019 (2019-12-06).

Djangonautas! No dejen que djangonautas escriban Javascript!

Knowing Javascript has become indispensable for web development, but perhaps too complicated, to the point that there is something known as javascript fatigue. In recent times, libraries and frameworks have emerged that propose a pattern more similar to how the websites of before were, but without skimping on the dynamism of modern websites. In this talk we discuss patterns and libraries such as htmx, django-unicorn, etc. designed to make a Django website more dynamic.

This talk was given at PyconAr 2021 (2021-10-26) and it's based on the blog post Djangonauts! Don't let djangonauts write Javascript! and can be watch online on Youtube.