Default is not set

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Usually for optional params we use None as default in the function signature. If it is None we assume the user did not specify one.

def main(param=None, **kwargs):
    if param is None:
        param = get_system_default()
    # ...

main(param='foo')  # use 'foo'
main()             # dynamically set param

But what if None is a possible value too?

main(param=None)   # OOPS, will calculate anther value for param

The parameter still needs to be optional, because we can calculate a good default if it is not set, but how can we know if an optional parameter was explicitely set by the caller?

One way would be make it a required parameter and expose the get_system_default() function. We then change the signature of our main() so that Python ensures param is always set.

def main(param, **kwargs):
    # ...

main(param='foo')                      # use 'foo'
main(param=get_system_default())       # dynamically set param

With this approach we delegated that responsabilty to the user of our function, this is style and is perfectly feasable. But if main() is called a lot, we complicated things for our user.

Another trick is to use the **kwargs dict and check if a param is there or not.

def main(*args, **kwargs):
    if 'param' in kwargs:
        param = kwargs['param']
        param = get_system_default()
    # ...

This also works fine, but we kind of loose visibility on what parameters main() accepts. This is a bummer if you are using autocomplete tools of other helpers that analyse the code.

So my last trick kind of mitigates that by introducing a custom default value, the NotSet type.

class NotSet():

NOT_SET = NotSet()

def main(param=NOT_SET, **kwargs):
    if param is NOT_SET:
        param = get_system_default()
    # ...

This is a unique type that won't collide with any other possible value for param. If it is NOT_SET, then it is not set :)

I kind of like the first solution, but if you think that you will end up with lots of get_system_default() calls everywhere in your code, at some point switching to this NOT_SET approach would make sense.