One way to get to know someone is to asks about his aspirations.

What would you like to do with your life? is the question I fear the most when meeting new people (that ask that kind of questions), because I simply don't have an easy answer.

So far I can tell three things about me, that might help you understand why.

I'm a generalist (like everyone else?), which sounds great until you realize it is actually a burden. One might think that a generalist can contribute everywhere, but in reality you never end up fitting anywhere. It's easy to wander. My life is a constant struggle to keep a goal, discipline myself and take baby steps towards somewhere.

I don't fear learning whatever is needed to assert the success of a project. Indeed, I love to learn.

My tombstone will say 1:

Intenté hacer de este mundo un paraíso para todos y terminé creando un infierno para mí solo.

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  1. The orignal quote says: "Yo quise hacer de la tierra un paraíso para todos. La hice un infierno para mí." by Simón Rodríguez