Open tabs buffer overflow

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The interwebs and the power it holds

There is so much out there and just a click of distance. Funny videos, new music, interesting articles, tutorials, blog posts, games.

So now I have lots of open tabs that I would like to close some day but there is always new content that keeps being added to my information processing buffer AKA open tabs buffer.

Why do I even check reddit/hackernews?

Partly becouse it's addictive. Small dosis of information of stuff I like, injected right to my brain. But mostly it's becouse this way, I feel less guilty about procrastinating.

Ideas for surviving an open tabs buffer overflow.

Triage mode for new content, is my current approach. If I find something that could be benefitial at some point, I throw it in the bookmarks limbo (that place where goes everything I will never read), and I feel released that it is in a safe place, and eventually I will read it.


Update 2016-04-03

So far my biggest improvements have come from the read-it-later solution, mainly because I can tag articles to easily find later like: server (for server setup and sysadmin tasks), python, uix (for ui/ux), management (everything related to managing projects/people), among others. The hardest part here is to remember that you once saved something interesting for later read.

The other improvement has been to stop using the desktop to browse twitter. Instead I force myself to read it on a tablet, which is not so distracting and at the same time helps with the triage process since it is somewhat cumbersome to multitask on it.