Air, the next big thing

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What is wrong with some startups today?

Slack is valuated at $1.12b. While freenode hosts ~55846 chat rooms and ~89238 users, or even when this kind of software is available for free and you can move your entire team there, as you did when you moved to Slack. It's not like Twitter or Youtube where you have a comunity around the service and it's kind of unlikely there would be a massive migration to other service. In Slack, the number of users doesn't matter, because is a team communication tool, and as soon as the team decides to move elsewhere, Slack is dead.

I give you another example. Docker, said to be valuated at $1b. Provides an open source tool on top other open source tool, which apparently is not even needed now, thanks to the systemd guys. Even if Docker tries to provide a web platform, similar to what GitHub does for git, does that really justifies $1b valuation?

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